PARTNERSHIP - eurosport / metro

Eurosport had a triple problem in 2004 for the Athens Olympic Games budget for a local advertising campaign in Greece

2.a lack of notoriety among Greek viewers

3.a need to enhance the relationship with the channel's local broadcasting platform -> NOVA

I came up with the idea of ​​doing a content / advertising exchange with the free daily METRO newspaper before and during the Games

METRO needed content due to no dedicated sports journalists, and Eurosport needed exposure due to no media budget to invest

Eurosport would provide content from its website and on-site journalists and provide exclusive articles every day during the Games

In return I asked for the following from METRO:

- an advertising campaign offered before and during the Games to promote the programming

- a logo on the cover every day that would direct readers to the Eurosport pages

- between 4 and 6 full pages named "Eurosport Special" every day, showcasing the channel's commentators and the articles supplied labeled "Eurosport"

- daily on-air programming schedule with integration of the logo of the local platform on which the channel would be broadcast

It was a first for Eurosport and Metro and other METROs contacted me

to do the same operation. So I went to Helsinki in 2005 for the World Athletics Championships

and Torino in 2006 for the Olympic Winter Games

+4,000,000 newspapers distributed

0 €
Media value
€ 2m