bouygues residential - Christmas party

My client Bouygues Résidentiel asked me to organise their Christmas evening with a place and theme they had chosen ... STAR WARS!

It was a challenge to transform a rusticrestaurant into a spaceship for an evening but the challenge was met.

The main staircase was dressed in neon and covered with mirrors, a climb to another dimension? A play of light and smoke created a cosmic atmosphere.

Beyond Darth Vader and the Storm Troopers at the front desk there were plenty of other 4th dimensional animations to entertain our guests.


- "light saber" lessons with La Ligue Française du Light Saber

- a giant quiz hosted by Luke Skywalker with Stars Wars prizes to be won with the surprise intervention of the 'Artus' stand-up.

- a fun and connected photocall hosted by 2 Princesses Leahs

- an Oculus Rift experience in 3D virtual reality

- movie tickets to see "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" for all guests


* Evening organized as a freelance with the Artdicted agency

I recruited this client in 2015 and designed and managed this project from A to Z